About Us

Twenty two years ago, Artistry was a small roadside shop next to a gas station that peddled Mexican inspired pottery to customers who were just passing through. A lot has changed since then. Today, we occupy 2613 Smallman Street, a centuries old building in Pittsburgh’s bustling Strip District, and sell a range of beautiful and unique furniture from around the world.
Before we found a location, we had beautiful things we wanted to sell. But without the space we needed to start our business, we turned to the next best option: a street stand. Trying to explain an authentic Mexican vase to a customer, as cars roared by just behind them, wasn’t easy, trust us. But when we first laid eyes on our beautiful store, a repurposed Civil War-era stable, we knew we had found home.

With an expansive, beautiful new showroom, we needed more furnishings to enrich it. Mexican pottery and Southwestern inspired décor was a great start, and we wanted more.  We expanded, making pilgrimages across the country and hunting trade shows to find beautiful furniture for our customers. We filled our showroom with styles from across the country, from West Coast to Northeast and Native American, and eventually, around the world.

When we settled in the Strip District, at a building we could call home and with wares we were truly proud of, finding new customers suddenly became much easier. Our business quickly became about furniture, and more so about a growing community. We knew we loved the beautiful furniture we had on hand, but when we found out everyone else loved it too, that was even better. To our delight, our community blossomed around the store. Through furniture we were able to meet like-minded people, and build lifelong bonds with them. These people weren’t just regulars, they were friends and family. Now, over 22 years later, that sense of community is stronger than ever.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our Artistry community, stop by our store, join our mailing list, and check out all the beautiful furniture on display!